I'm the lead photographer and eyes behind Oaks and Ivy Studios. Originally from the home of the office (Scranton,PA), I landed in Staunton, Virginia following my husband after his transition out of the military. We have been so excited to settle down roots here in the Shenandoah Valley as it was love at first sight. However, it was our experience with military life that lead me in my direction to becoming a photographer. We spent alot of time apart. When my first daughter was 3 months, my husband left for his second deployment and didn't come home until she was over a year old. It was during this I realized how fleeting the moments of raising children are.
     I first started my business in 2012 while finishing up my degree in the fine arts. Since then I have gotten to work with couples and families across the east coast of the US from New York all the way to Florida. I have been published in several magazines such as the Nomadic Lens, The photograp.her, ColorShot magazine, and including a cover feature on ShutterScene Magazine. While it started photographing families and children for the military, it has expanded to weddings and videography for people of all backgrounds and interests.
    My favorite part of this life experience is getting to meet YOU and know what details hold special places in your lives then creatively record your special moments as unique as you are. No two weddings are the same nor are any two babies. I cater each experience to you and your families. Are you getting married? Having a baby turning 1? Let's do this! I'd LOVE to talk about all the details! 



I'm Rachel

I believe people are inherently good. 
Nature keeps us grounded & we are all made of stars. 
I believe all animals  deserve love
but that we don't deserve dogs.  
Its never too late to start something new
 & to chase what makes you happy.
I believe in the beauty of the individual
& everyone deserves love.
I believe all beliefs are worthy of respect.
What is meant to happen, will happen.

I have a deep appreciation for psychology which resonates within my work. I aim to find moments of genuine expression and interaction for each and all my clients. I want to bring back the idea of flowing playfulness to each session rather than a strict list of posing.

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2000's screamo music

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INFJ here! 

introvert or extrovert?

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I'm a mental health advocate


pets of all types and sizes

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Coffee and fluffy blankets

I can't live without

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I'm a mental health advocate


Peppermint Mocha

My favorite drink is

in the moutanins

My perfect day will be


red wine every night!

coffee or wine?

proud extrovert over here!

introvert or extrovert?

at the beach

my perfect day will be

the fun facts

 Is based in Staunton, Va.


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