Hey, i'm Rachel

 Ironically,  I never thought I'd be a photographer.  For as long as I could remember, I loved photographs and taking pictures  but never once did I think it would be my job. I grew up with 2 older brothers obsessed with technology whether it be gaming, coding, or just the latest and greatest.  As the little sister, I wanted to be just like them. I grew up coding my own websites and playing my own versions of games.  I still yearned to be more creative. So for college,  I went for graphic design with a minor in digital media and that is where my photography took off.  I used it as content for my graphic designs and realized quite quickly it was truly what I loved to do.  Fast forward to now, a husband and two kids later, it is very rare to see me without a camera.  I've learned how time is fleeting  and photographs can make a memories last forever. 

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I believe people are inherently good. 
Nature keeps us grounded & we are all made of stars. 
I believe all animals  deserve love but that we don't deserve dogs.  
Its never too late to start something new & to chase what makes you happy.
I believe in the beauty of the individual & everyone deserves love.
I believe all beliefs are worthy of respect.
What is meant to happen, will happen.



I have a deep appreciation for psychology which resonates within my work. I aim to find moments of genuine expression and interaction for each and all my clients. I want to bring back the idea of flowing playfulness to each session rather than a strict list of posing.

2000's screamo music

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INFJ here! 

introvert or extrovert?

in the mountains

my perfect day will be

I'm a mental health advocate


Gluten-free desserts

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Coffee and fluffy blankets

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I'm a mental health advocate


Peppermint Mocha

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in the moutanins

My perfect day will be


red wine every night!

coffee or wine?

proud extrovert over here!

introvert or extrovert?

at the beach

my perfect day will be

the fun facts

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